An introduction to the library of GXCVU

The Guangxi City Vocational University Library is composed of the Airport Campus Library and the Chongzuo Campus Library, with a total construction area of ​​18532 square metres and 2500 reading seats. After more than ten years of construction and development, the Library has now become our university's centre of document and information resources, playing a role as an academic agency serving talent training and scientific research, as well as an important base for campus culture and social culture construction.

The Library is guided by the goal that the school will be made a high-level vocational university with characteristic development, innovation development, and culture development of undergraduate vocational education, to scientifically collect and distribute all sorts of paper and electronic literatures. As of the end of 2019, the cumulative amount of document sources in the collection is more than 3.12 million volumes, of which there are 1.604 million paper books, 1.45 million copies of Chaoxinghuiya e-books, 30,000 copies of Bokan e-books, 150,000 hours of Tingshu, and more than 4,000 kinds of e-newspapers with Boguanshuyuan. At the same time, it also has a variety of electronic resource databases, namely Duxiu Academic Search Platform, Yinfu Online Simulation Question Bank, and Superstar Electronic Journal. Readers can access and use it online 24/7. As of now, the total storage capacity of our Library has reached 26TB. Library collection resources cover a variety of disciplines such as engineering, science, economics, education, management, etc. Paper documents and electronic resources complement each other, basically forming a document information resource guarantee system with complete discipline coverage and multiple carrier forms, with the ultimate aim of supporting teaching and research in all aspects.

There are three departments in the Library: Resource Construction Department, Reader Service Department, and Reference Reading Department. The functional configuration includes 2 newspaper reading rooms, 2 self-study rooms, 2 electronic reading rooms, 196 computers, 2 self-study collections, 2 literature collections, 3 social science collections, and 1 multi-functional lecture hall; as well as 5 additional self-service search machines, 2 Goethe readers, 2 Bokan readers, and full wireless WiFi and wired dual network coverage in the Library. The Library management has been networked and informatised, and a completely free and open model of unified borrowing is implemented; the Library management software uses the Dingfeng Gold Industry Library Management System to realise the collection, compilation, storage, borrowing and reading of books and the automatic management of retrieval.

The Library upholds the tenet of "Readers First, Serve People." All the staff actively carry out all kinds of work. The Library has warm reception and active service. It is based on the needs of readers.It is open for 13.5 hours every day from 8:30 in the morning (except for legal holidays), and the weekly opening time is 94.5 hours. The Library provides readers with a good learning environment, so that readers can fully enjoy the convenience of independent learning and the pleasure of reading the books freely and leisurely. Our Library makes full use of the education and information service functions, and we will organise a series of activities such as book recommendation guide, admission education for new students, and the opening of the "Internet Information Retrieval" public courses. Through training and promotion of document resources, the utilisation of collection resources has achieved good results.

The Library will insist on "teaching as the center" and aim at building a scientific and reasonable document security system. It will continue to optimise the collection structure, change the service concept, broaden the scope of services, and keep pace with the times. We will be determined to make progress and strive to build a modern, informative and digital document information centre for the Guangxi City Vocational University.